How to use blog photos to boost your Pinterest marketing strategy

How to use blog photos to boost your Pinterest marketing strategy- Open Access BPO

Did you know that the photos accompanying your blog posts matter a lot when marketing your brand on Pinterest? Open Access BPO explains the significance of blog photos and how you can optimize them to have a more successful Pinterest marketing plan.

While many established companies are gaining significant momentum in Pinterest marketing, it’s only now that smaller brands are getting aboard this image-driven social media marketing platform. Just like Instagram, this social media platform is an ideal marketing channel for visual brands from across different industries, including food, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty, among many others. Visual marketing, as a form of digital marketing strategy, is being embraced by businesses because they know how it appeals to an Internet-savvy audience whose purchasing decisions are affected by viral imagery and creativity.

One way to improve your chances of succeeding on Pinterest is by optimizing the photos that accompany your blog posts. Once these blog entries are pinned to your Pinterest board, the images being displayed can significantly influence click-through rates, shareability, and overall reception of your content. Here are some ways to strategically use your blog photos to drive greater website traffic and gain more leads from Pinterest:



1.     Make sure you own most of your pictures

How to use blog photos to boost your Pinterest marketing strategy- Open Access BPO- Make sure you own most of your pictures

Although repinning and using pictures from sources around the web is generally fine as long as there’s proper credit, making sure that the bulk of images you post on Pinterest are your own is preferable. Novelty is the best way to make sure that something will go viral. Purchasing stock photos, tweaking and editing to make them look more appealing, and adding a watermark on them are some practices Pinterest marketers use when choosing images for their blog posts.



2.     Place catchy text on your images

How to use blog photos to boost your Pinterest marketing strategy- Open Access BPO- Place catchy text on your images

Instead of just randomly choosing plain images as blog photos, think long-term by imagining how they would look like as cover photos of your posts once shared on Pinterest. If you’re writing about a special recipe on your blog, don’t just take a picture of your dish and use it as main photo. Allot extra time to add a watermark for branding, and include captivating words to describe your blog photo.

In the recipe example, you can embed a text where you add a catchy adjective to the name of your dish. This will catch the attention of most Pinterest users and immediately give them idea on what the post is all about just by looking at the photo.



3.     SEO still applies, so use keywords

How to use blog photos to boost your Pinterest marketing strategy- Open Access BPO- SEO still applies, so use keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) rules are very much applicable when it comes to social media marketing. As such, it would be very helpful if you use the main keywords of your blog entry in its URL. Some blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger can, depending on your settings, automatically integrate the blog post title in the URL. So, if you posted a recipe for a dish called “Yummy Baby Potatoes,” then your URL should include that very phrase.

“,” for instance.

Needless to say, this will have an impact on your post’s SEO standing. Given the right unifying SEO strategies, your post may appear prominently on the search engine result pages (SERPs) whenever people search for the phrase “Yummy baby potatoes,” leading them to your blog post.



4.     Be strategic in selecting your photo’s alt text


In case you don’t know yet, Pinterest actually looks at the words you include on your photos’ alt text description and automatically includes them in the pin description. By using your keywords (e.g. Yummy Baby Potatoes) in the alt text field of your blog photo, Pinterest users who will share your post will have automatic description for their pin. This will help boost search result rankings of your images and posts when the keywords are searched by users.


In today’s world, you have to choose an effective digital marketing strategy that will work best for your visual brand. Part of this responsibility is making the most out of your chosen social media platform. Pinterest is a good avenue to create a big following, drive website traffic, and attract customers. By following these tips, you can optimize your content to help your Pinterest marketing efforts become more fruitful.



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