Understanding what pay-per-click advertising can do for your business

Understanding what pay-per-click advertising can do for your business- Open Access BPO

Paid search advertising is the fastest way to gain a wider online exposure. Is your business ready for it? Open Access BPO explains the pros and cons of this marketing strategy and how you can effectively come up with the right marketing decision.

Pay-per-click (PPC) or paid search advertising is a popular digital marketing strategy for businesses willing to spend money in exchange for increased targeted leads driven to their company websites. Because PPC advertising can bring immediate and promising results, it is safe to assume that investing in a paid search campaign can bring many potential advantages to your business.

Despite its many perks, PPC advertising is not a simple business move that you can just choose to make without any careful planning. Although it can bring productive outcomes especially for startups, there are also possible disadvantages that may come along the way. Here are pointers to consider when using PPC advertising as a marketing strategy:


Understanding what pay-per-click advertising can do for your business- Open Access BPO2


•     Boosts website traffic – By paying for the special positioning of your advertisements on search engine result pages (SERPs), you gain a leverage over other brands in attracting site visits from Internet users. In other words, it bypasses complicated optimization processes and immediately gives your brand the spotlight.

•     Promotes online presence – Because your brand becomes more visible on SERPs, your brand gains stronger credibility and authority. This influences how Internet users view your brand. Your PPC track record can also be used by search engines like Google in assessing if your brand is legitimate and well-established.

•     Gives quick results – Paid search campaigns can be launched depending on seasonal demands. If your business has limited-time promos or special offers, PPC advertising can give you immediate solution to gaining online attention to your time-bound offers.

•     Grants full control – Your PPC ads’ content can be updated and modified at your own liking. You may change the accompanying display image and the identified landing page that the PPC ads will lead Internet users to. You can also filter audience settings according to geographical and online behavior preferences.

•     Unaffected by algorithm updates – PPC ads are not influenced by the updates of search engine sites in their ranking guidelines or algorithm. This eliminates the added burden of keeping track of search engine optimization (SEO) updates since your ads will have a fixed position on SERPs, provided they comply with advertising guidelines.


Understanding what pay-per-click advertising can do for your business- Open Access BPO -


•     Can be costly – If improperly set up, PPC ad campaigns can be expensive and lead to budget instability. Since the advertising cost depends solely on the click-through rates, it can potentially go out of hand. Because of positive premature results, you might be tempted to unnecessarily prolong the campaign without minding the expenses.

•     Demands specific expertise – Since PPC advertising is a marketing strategy, it requires diligent studying and experience from marketers wanting to use it. This is why brands hire advertising and marketing experts who will focus on PPC or SEO.

•     Requires constant monitoring – Paid search advertising is not a one-sitting activity. You cannot expect results to be in your favor at all times. Oftentimes, you need to tune and optimize your campaigns so that they will keep on giving you favorable lead generation outcomes and conversions.

Setting up a PPC campaign can bring promising results to your business. The heightened amount of traffic it can bring to your website can increase your chances of making successful conversions. However, you must have the necessary resources to invest in paid advertising. There must be enough budget to compete with other businesses in bidding for first-page ranking. Workforce and technologies must also be present to guarantee constant monitoring of PPC campaign results.

For companies with tight budget or limited resources, it’s wiser to start investing in SEO activities before using paid search advertising. It can prevent you from the potential financial perils of having a failed PPC ad campaign. Since SEO can still give you good organic ranking, you will still have a strong method of exposing your brand to a bigger audience.



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