Twitter Marketing: Why aren’t your customers following you


Having a competitive business is not enough to survive in today’s digital age where most products and services are promoted online. In order for companies to reach their target market, they maximize social media sites such as Twitter to strengthen their brand presence online. This is an effective way to engage and build relationships with customers without needing face-to-face interaction.

Online marketers that handle social media sites know that having online accounts do not guarantee a big scope of audience. Ramp up your business’ Twitter marketing strategies and check these possible reasons your customers aren’t following you (and suggestions on how to get Twitter followers):


1.     Empty profile


The first two things customers notice when checking profiles are the user photos and the bios. If you fail to replace the default egg icon as your avatar, they might doubt if your page is the official account of your business. This also goes for your Twitter bio that must be completely filled out. This should summarize the nature of the business and contact details, so customers can easily identify with your company.


2.     Infrequent tweets


Customer are curious about your business so it’s important to make your presence felt by tweeting regularly to encourage social engagement. It can be about your latest products, discounts, or other tweets that are aligned with your market’s interests. These can trigger customers to ask, participate, and even repost your tweets. If you have less tweets than what they are expecting, they might just lose interest.


3.     Dedicated selling channel


Yes, most customers can tell when businesses try hard to oversell their brand. This act of assertion can be mistaken for desperation which followers dislike. If your page only has self-promotional hashtags or links, this defeats the purpose of social media to interact with people. Then it might be time to revamp your existing social media strategy. So make your tweets more relatable and inviting to make customers jump right in and interact with your tweets.


4.     Insensitive posts


Having a neutral viewpoint about sensitive issues such as religion and politics can save your company from negative publicity. As much as you want your tweets to be relevant to your target audience, it’s important to keep in mind the demographic of your customers. Tweets that talk about sensitive issues may be misunderstood as your company’s official statements, and that you’re taking sides. Review tweets to make sure you won’t put the business in a bad light.


5.     Locked account


Customers rely on social media sites to monitor or check the brands they’re interested in. Putting your tweets on private can drive away your customers, as it gives an impression of not being transparent and open to site visitors. So, it’s best to adjust your settings to make it visible even to non-followers. When they find your posts interesting, these site visitors can be converted into loyal followers.

As Twitter continues to be a powerhouse, businesses need to learn how to maximize the multiple opportunities it brings to reach their target markets, encourage social engagement, and turn mere followers into loyal customers. So, check your Twitter account now and make you sure not to commit these mistakes that are possibly hurting your business strategy.



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