Tips on how to inject personality to your social media campaign

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Previously, we tackled how brand personality can help your social media campaign improve customer engagement. We have learned that brand personality can help us gain visibility, it can shape how our demographic thinks of our company and products, and how it can add a personal touch to the customer interaction. But how exactly can you add personality to your social media marketing strategy?

Here are some tips on how you can add personality and increase your customer engagement.


1.     Tell a story.

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In traditional marketing, you sell a product using facts, such as the product’s specifications, or highlight its functionality. In social media marketing, however, you’ve got to tell a story.

You need to engage the readers or viewers in a way they’ll learn more and become interested in your products and your company. Depending on your message, brand identity, and your digital marketing team’s creativity, you can come up with an engaging stories for your audience. Take a look at Coca-Cola, who involves their customers and tells their stories for their YouTube Christmas ad videos. Not only does the company tell their customers’ story, they also pave the way for people to learn about their brand’s values.


2.     Visual appeal is important, too.

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Here’s where the oft-quoted phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” comes along. The human brain can process images faster than text. In that sense, you should also use various visual medium—from GIFs to photos to infographics—to generate discussions in your community and encourage content sharing.


3.     Add wit and humor.

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Humor is a universal language. When executed well, it can make your posts viral, shareable. Try too hard, and your content might be a dud.

Being funny creates a positive atmosphere that encourages better customer engagement. It can also give your brand memorability. Humorous posts elicit good responses in social media pages—from fast food chains, streaming websites, or even cracker nuts.


4.     Consistency is key.

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It’s important that your social media campaign is consistent when it comes to its brand personality, and especially with your company’s values. You can’t have the nurturing, motherly brand become childish or sassy one day and back to motherly the next day. You also can’t have your Facebook page’s brand personality as upbeat and have your Twitter’s brooding. Remember what your brand stands for and use it to create your brand’s personality.


An effective social media campaign can help you increase revenues, gain advocates, or even connect to new audiences. By adding personality to your campaign, you’re humanizing the whole social media experience, creating a more engaging interaction between you and your customers. Keep this tips in mind when interacting with your customers.



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