How social media influencer marketing helps businesses grow

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While social media algorithms strategically place your content in targeted audiences’ feeds, but this doesn’t ensure a conversion for your brand. So unless potential clients are already seeking out your products or services, audiences are likely to turn a blind eye on your paid ads.

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Social media marketing is gaining momentum as the primary digital marketing strategy for brands, especially companies in the small and medium-sized business (SMB) segment. This is mainly because their target audience tends to be technologically-inclined. However, TV ads cannot be easily discounted in marketing, as they continue to attract people from all ages, gender, and social stature. For many brands, however, going “viral” is the best option to lead markets to their base.

If your marketing is stalling, it might be time to consider influencer marketing.

What is social media influencer marketing?

An influencer, as its nomenclature implies, is a person that commands significant influence over your prospective buyers or a specific niche. Good examples of an influencer are celebrities, notable bloggers, and social media personalities. They can compel audiences to buy products, try out services, or join organizations. As such, many businesses partner with these influencers, turning them into brand ambassadors, advocates, and promoters to establish brand recall.

How influencer marketing works?

Developing and implementing well-crafted digital marketing strategies around your influencers can help boost your brand awareness efforts. With your influencers at the forefront, you can refine your brand’s identity and imbue it with a human personality that people, whether they’re part of your existing demographic or not, would relate with.

Given that they have a thriving audience of their own, partnering with an influencer means that you also get exposure to the different niches that they belong to. This is where you’ll find opportunities to reach people from varied online communities. Not only will you be able to grow your own consumer base, you’ll also keep them thoroughly engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

How do you select an influencer?

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•     Do your research and create a list of possible influencers, people who can appeal to your target audience and align with the brand’s vision and values. These can be bloggers, social media stars, celebrities, models, and more.
•     They should be able to carry your brand well and be knowledgeable of your services so they can communicate these on your behalf.
•     The influencer must reach a large audience and can leave a certain recall to the target consumers.

Of course, influencers will probably require compensation such as freebies, incentives, or financial gains. Also, if your business holds various brands, note that not all influencers will work across different markets and products.

How can you integrate influencer marketing into your current social media campaigns?

As you continue following your social media content calendar, develop content that will feature your influencer. You can create videos and images, or even have them write content on your company blog.

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An influencer can also mention your brand on social media and blog posts for their followers to see. Ask social media influencers to become collaborators for contests, live streams, take overs, updates, and the likes.

Don’t remain complacent, even if your campaigns are gaining some significant traction. Consider who your competitors are approaching to represent their brand; and watch how their campaigns are moving along. Monitor your influencers and campaigns to see which strategies are working and which aren’t.

Before integrating social media influencers into your digital marketing, make sure that you understand what they can bring to the table and how they can help your business flourish further. Always keep an eye out on what works and what doesn’t for your brand because at the end of the day, it’s your business that will make it or not.



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