How SMBs can step up their game on Pinterest


Why do e-commerce businesses flock to visual marketing sites like Pinterest? Open Access BPO, a call center in the Philippines, explains why Pinterest can take your marketing game a notch higher.

Social media is a gift to small businesses. Since it capitalizes on social relevance and personalization, you can transform your brand into a familiar name to Internet-savvy customers. Taking your social marketing strategy to viral marketing machines, such as Pinterest, is a great step in expanding your business reach online.

Pinterest, just like Instagram, capitalizes on its visual nature. Unlike other sites, however, Pinterest offers more interactive features and bigger resolution options to its users. It also allows brands to monitor the activities of its audience upon viewing content. Since images and visually captivating content are the fastest forms of communication being shared online, Pinterest is a perfect avenue to publish branded content that can be shared by your followers to their own circles.

How to stand out on Pinterest


When people say that you should be visual on Pinterest, they weren’t only talking about setting some boards and pinning a couple of pictures of your products. You definitely can do a lot more than that. You need to be really creative to stand out on Instagram.

You need to make use of bold and striking colors in your images, for instance. Your boards, when viewed altogether, must create a remarkable viewing experience for your target audience. The more visually enticing your pins are, the higher the chances of them being repinned by other users. If you take a look at the best boards on Pinterest, these are usually composed of a mixture of interesting photos and graphics with great captions. You need to offer something new every time you pin something, but your brand personality must remain consistent.

Out of all business types, Pinterest can benefit retail and e-commerce stores the most. If you pin images of your products to your boards, Pinterest users can be directed to your main website through those pins. In other words, your Pinterest serves as your secondary online product catalogue that can attract prospective customers outside of your main e-commerce site. Integrating both platforms therefore significantly increases your online presence.

Unlike Twitter or Facebook where you have character limit and linear display of updates, Pinterest is a marketing platform that lets you play with several themes and ideas simultaneously using different boards. You can therefore conduct multiple activities and inspire greater audience engagements on Pinterest. You can even initiate contests and ask your customers to provide content for you.

Maximizing the potentials of Pinterest


The ultimate goal of using Pinterest as a marketing tool is to create a deeper connection with your customers. This goes beyond publicizing pictures of your products. Your followers must be able to look at your profile and identify your brand in an instant and in ways that can’t be achieved if they were on other social media channels.

Whatever your business is, you can use Pinterest to create boards that can help and provide valuable information to your audience on almost all things. Pinterest is known for being a good source of do-it-yourself graphics, fashion tips, and mouth-watering food recommendations. Whatever you do on Pinterest, just remember that customers will appreciate it if you give them something that can contribute to their knowledge or practicality.

Pinterest is a great platform where you can be both a creative curator and a wise marketer. It’s definitely hard to stand out among the colorful population, but it only takes a dedicated time of getting to know your audience and you’re good to go. At the end of the day, if you truly understand why your brand is relevant to the general public, then it will be easy for you to share that message to your target audience.



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