SEO heads-up: Google update wants you to be mobile-friendly


Google has been telling search engine optimization (SEO) specialists for quite some time now that they must make their websites mobile-ready—a healthy suggestion that many have abided to, but some have yet to heed. Now that Google’s upcoming algorithm update is specifically centered around making search results mobile-friendly, webmasters have no choice but to optimize their sites for mobile devices.

What to expect


In an announcement published on the official Google Webmasters blog, the search engine giant highlighted the two major changes that we should expect once the update rolls out on April 21, 2015.

The first is that mobile-friendly websites will gain prominent spots in the search engine results pages (SERPs) of users on mobile devices. This way, they’d get content whose quality and relevance are optimized for smartphones, tablets, or any portable device.

Second, app content will rank better if it’s from apps installed in the user’s device. Google will start using information from indexed apps as a ranking factor for users signed-in to their Google account while browsing.

What you can do to prepare

There are several areas that would need refurbishing to keep up with the algorithm change— from the site design, SEO, and linking, to on-site sales platforms.

You may need to construct a separate mobile site with less content, a unique navigation system, or mobile-only options. Since mobile screen widths vary from unit to unit, you should also consider how your display will fit optimally across different resolutions. Essentially, visitors on mobile must have a smooth and highly responsive experience while on our site.

While we await for further details regarding the Google update, might as well check your site’s mobile-friendliness using this tool.



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