How to optimize Twitter’s new redesigned for better digital marketing


Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, you may have heard about Twitter finally rolling out a major redesign for its profile pages. It was first rolled out as a gradual release to only a few users, but the social media giant has since pushed the design overhaul as an opt-in for the whole Twittersphere. If your business is on Twitter and you have yet to make the switch, it’s best to do it ASAP as the new design offers plenty of digital marketing opportunities you could be missing out on.


Why the redesign works for Twitter (and your brand)


Twitter has always had a design legacy built on a fine fusion of minimalism and functionality. This is a good mix, given that the social media site can be one confusing goop to look at with the massive amount of status updates flooding its feeds every few minutes.

Over the years, they’ve staved off the temptation to succumb to the generic layout that embodies the likes of Facebook and Google Plus. This year, however, Twitter decided to wash their profile pages with a fresh coat of the familiar interface—you know, the large-ish banner images up front, smaller primary profile pics on the foreground, and the dual side panels that sandwich the larger social feed. And it definitely works for the microblogging site.

As far as web designs go, this new interface highlights Twitter’s features and makes it easier for users to personalize their pages and the consume content off the profiles of the people they follow. From a digital marketing perspective, on the other hand, this redesign brings to the table more opportunities for companies to customize their Twitter presence. This enables them to boost their branding efforts, increase engagements, and cultivate a loyal following online.


Tips to optimize your brand’s profile pages


Aside from enabling the new design, you’ll also need to reinvigorate your brand’s social media strategies to take full advantage of the design roll-out. This starts by customizing your company’s Twitter profile page. Here a few things you need to consider when re-customizing your Twitter profile.


The header image is now huge

You’ll immediately notice that Twitter has a large header image on its profile pages. With visual marketing as one of today’s powerful online marketing strategies, the obvious move here is to take advantage of it for your brand development and promotions. From its previous status as a 1252×626-pixel backdrop for your profile photo and bio, it’s now a sweet 1500×500-pixel spot where you can boost brand development and promote your business, current promotions, and products and services.

It’s probably best to get a better profile photo

In the previous layout, the profile photo is displayed as a rather small 73×73-pixel image, leaving you with just a small square on top of the banner image to establish your brand. The redesigned profile, on the other hand, now displays your profile photo in 400×400 pixels which provides a better on-page real estate for your company’s brand marketing. Here, you can upload your company’s logo, a photo of your brand mascot/spokesperson, or even your latest product. This resize may cause your photo to get stretched (depending, of course, on the resolution of the image you used) and look a bit fuzzy. As such, you may need to get a better image in a higher resolution.

The Bio: Now more visible

While having a bio isn’t exactly new to the redesign, you’ll need to pay attention to it now if you’ve managed to forget to write a proper bio for your company (especially if you’ve rebranded recently, or think you’ll need a more engaging bio). Along with the profile photo, the bio has been moved to the left side of the page, positioned on top of the header image, making it easier for visitors to spot it. Obviously, you’ll need to write a creative bio that tells your followers who you are while inserting a bit of personality (perhaps some wit for better impact), and using the keywords you want to target for your search engine optimization (SEO) tactics—all these in 160 characters.

Twitter dropped your background image

Well, not really. Your background image is still there and it’ll show up on the Home, Notifications, and Discover sections of your page though not on your profile page or your Photos/Videos, Following, Followers, Favorites, and Lists sections. You’ll still see it but your followers won’t. So if you’ve put your contact details and the links to your other social media profiles on it, you may have to content with having just one link as part of your bio.

You can now pin tweets to the top of your feed

Like on Facebook, posts can now be pinned to the top of your timeline. This means that your pinned tweets will remain on top of your profile until you’ve decided to pin some other tweet. Pinned tweets will obviously get more attention than the rest of the posts on your feed, making this feature great for highlighting tweets that need more attention or engagements from your followers. This includes tweets with important announcements, call-to-action cues, questions and surveys targeted to your demographic, and promotions.



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