How to manage your outsourced graphic design team


How can a small business maximize the benefits of outsourcing graphic design? Open Access BPO, a call center in the Philippines, gives some tips for managing your outsourced design team effectively in order to have a better marketing strategy for your brand.

Your small business can have a better branding strategy by using a consistent and professional look in all marketing tools that you use. This includes your website, e-mail template, brochure, poster, and other information, education, and communication (IEC) materials. But how do you make this possible if you don’t have enough resources to build an in-house design team?


Graphic design, web design, and print design – all of these digital marketing needs can be done by an outsourced graphic design team. By outsourcing design, you free yourself from the unnecessary burden of gathering digital marketing resources when an experienced team can do it for you. But your outsourced creative professionals can only meet your expectations if you manage them well.

Here are some ways to lead your outsourced design team to help you market your brand:

1.   Orient your team about your brand

Help your design team get to know your brand image by explaining your business goals to them and the values you uphold as an organization. This can help them integrate your unique business features in the digital design materials that they produce. Designers may not have the same vision that you possess, so it’s important to make them understand what you want to accomplish. In doing so, they can focus their creativity on your specific needs.

2.   Establish a style guide

It is best to have a standard style guide to make sure that all of your collateral materials deliver a consistent feel. It can include the preferred font settings, color schemes, file formats, or spacing rules. By preparing these guidelines, you can make sure that all future collateral materials can carry the same brand voice that you used in all your previous marketing campaigns. This can help your customers easily identify your brand at a glance.

3.   Communicate your ideas effectively


Even if you don’t have the same expertise in digital design that your outsourced graphic designers have, it will help if you relay to them the ideas you have regarding the production of the materials.

You can show sample designs that you like and the ones with elements that you don’t want to see in your materials. If you have some basic layout ideas, it’s important that you communicate them with your designers so that they can create materials that meet your expectations.

4.   Keep in touch

Just like any outsourcing relationship, keeping communication channels open between you and your service provider is essential in having a solid partnership. Designers may want to show you optional or tentative sketches and raw designs that you can choose from. Feedback is also essential because your opinion can help your designers know if they are on the right track. You may also find the need to relay impromptu suggestions to your design team at some point.

Just because you are outsourcing to an experienced and reliable graphic design team doesn’t mean that you no longer have to get involved in the production of materials in any way. Any outsourced team, may it be customer service, technical support, or digital advertising, needs to know what you want exactly.

By taking time to orient your outsourced graphic design team, you can be assured that your goals as a business are aligned with their service objectives.



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