How Instagram can help you establish your brand


Many businesses see the great potential of Instagram as a social media marketing platform. If you are considering to create an account for your brand, here are some insights from Open Access BPO about Instagram marketing.

Instagram is a great avenue for businesses to reach their target market though captivating visuals and viral imagery. Experts say that you should go where your prospective customers are. Hence, if your business wants to succeed, there’s a promising community waiting for you in this photo-sharing social network.

When it comes to using Instagram as an avenue for your digital marketing strategy, you have two options to choose from: either you share your original content or ask your online community members to share theirs. These two are effective strategies in expanding your network, keeping your community engaged, and most importantly, reinforcing your brand identity.

Creating content that stands out


For startups or for businesses with no existing online communities, the better strategy to use initially is content creation. You need to establish what your brand is all about. This can be done by creating content that depicts both your brand’s personality and your product or service features.

You have to remember that in the Instagram battlefield, the key to winning is having the most likes. This is followed by the kind of engagement you provide to your followers. That’s why instead of just posting a picture of items that you sell, you should create photos that show how they can be used every day. This makes your content relatable and likable.

To sustain the interest of your first few followers and attract the attention of random visitors, you need to establish what story you want to tell them and how you can show it through pictures. Choose a unique characteristic that can help your brand become easily recognizable the next time your post appears on your followers’ feeds.

Enhancing interaction through curation

If your online community is starting to grow, you may begin the second phase of your Instagram marketing plan by asking for content from your followers. This may be hard at first, especially if there’s nothing waiting for them in return. That’s why you should invest in your content quality so that they can grow fondness for your initiative. You may also offer rewards, such as special discounts and promo offers, to content contributors.


If you are selling a baking product, ask your customers to send images of different baked goods that they made using your product as an ingredient. If you’re selling apparel, ask them to send you pictures of how your fashion items can be worn uniquely. You can even create contests where the picture with the most number of likes wins.

Curating content is an effective way to keep your Instagram followers engaged. It reminds them that you created your account not just to feed them with your posts, but to listen and talk with them as well. By making your social media marketing approach interactive, you make your Instagram circle highly attractive to other users who can potentially become a part of your network.

In this age where almost everyone is Internet-savvy, you need to include Instagram on your list of target marketing platforms. Creating a captivating profile with enticing visual content and expanding your social network may be challenging at first. But with unique brand identity through well-planned visual storytelling and enhanced interaction with followers, you can turn Instagram into your secret pathway to success.



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