How social content can produce quality engangements


The primary goal of businesses when using social media marketing as a strategy is to forge relationships based on quality customer engagements. Open Access BPO lists down some ways your brand can use social content to initiate interactions with your target demographic.


Social marketing has been instrumental in the success of many businesses when it comes to expanding networks and promoting brand awareness online. Customer interactions on your social media and content marketing platforms can do a lot in attracting more prospects to engage with your brand. They not only convey credibility, but quality customer experience as well.

Since readers are fed up with sales pitches and hard selling ads, making sure that your digital marketing strategy puts a premium on social conversations can be very beneficial.

Quality conversations with your prospective customers can only take place if you have quality content that can initiate these desirable interactions in the first place. It’s not just all about seeing people leave comments on your blog posts or you responding to them. Your content must exude a certain value that will entice more people to join the dialogue without being too pushy. Here are some ways you can use your content to initiate and maintain appealing conversations with your audience.



1.     Give your content a human touch

If your social media content doesn’t have a personality that is relatable to readers, you may be leading them to think that you’re lifeless and not fun to interact with. Your approach to creating content must always take into consideration the voice you’re using. Imagine yourself reading a blog or social media post to someone face-to-face, did the voice you just use sound appealing to your audience? By personalizing content and consistently using the same brand personality, you’re showing your readers who you really are and what your business stands for.



2.     Make it valuable

It’s normal for readers to wonder what’s in it for them before proceeding to read your content. It’s good that you’re promoting your brand through creative narration of your stories, but the key to converting readers into buyers is by showing the real value of your products through your social media content. Show them why they need your fashion items, instead of just explaining its features. Tell them why your gadgets are not only of high quality, but are also the solutions to their problems. By focusing on value, you are enticing readers to interact with your social contact since it’s relevant to them.



3.     Let your customers speak

Allow your customers and prospects to use your social media space to share their own content. Provide avenues where they can contribute, such as through submission contests or guest blogging. Place the spotlight on some of your most comprehensive user reviews and thank your customers for taking time to write about your brand. This process makes your content more inviting and relatable to other readers, since the creators of these user-generated content are customers too. Just remember to set up or outsource a content moderation team to filter out spam and malicious content, ensuring that the content you post online are of good quality and fits your content standards.



4.     Curate external content

Content from third party sources can add variety to your own social content. This makes your content less predictable. When curating, make sure you add your input or comment to the original material and present it using your own perspective and audience knowledge. There are several attention-grabbing materials all over the Internet that you can use to magnetize readers into your own brand. It all boils down to how you package them in a way where the interactions elicited will work to your brand’s advantage.


It’s easy to create social media accounts or write blog entries that will help promote your brand, but these marketing efforts can only produce actual conversions if your content can attract readers to take an action based on what they learned from your output. Follow these steps and you can make sure that your social media content will create ripples of customer engagement which can eventually lead to readers doing business with you.



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