Full-screen mobile advertising is now on Facebook


Happy with the launch of Instant Articles on Facebook? Well, the marketing fun doesn’t stop there. The social media giant also introduced an equivalent mobile advertising feature: Facebook Canvas.

Like Instant Articles, ads made through Facebook Canvas are immersive and speedy. When clicked on, these ads load in full-screen (yes, full-screen!) within Facebook instead of taking the user to an external website that takes forever to load.

Of course, the principle behind this is similar to that of Instant Articles. It bypasses slow loading times, encouraging more users to really pay attention to brands’ content. The online experience that Facebook Canvas renders is also incredibly simple, yet more memorable and impactful.

Immersive advertising on Facebook


We can see that Facebook’s truly determined to stay ahead of the social media marketing race. Optimized for mobile, Facebook Canvas allows marketers to create a far more engaging way to reach their target audience. The best part of this is that advertisers can play around with different types of rich media such as photos, videos, or GIFs. Canvas allows animations, product catalogs, slideshows, and other forms of immersive layouts to captivate viewers.

Facebook also revealed that early tests of Canvas show that users want to stick around to experience these full-screen ads. According to their report, 53% of users open a Canvas ad and view at least half of its entire length for an average of 31 seconds. Obviously, users love the richer experience and the interactive elements that Canvas can offer.

Getting started on Canvas

The greatest thing about this mobile advertising platform is that brands don’t have to shell out extra cash. You’ll be paying the regular fee for News Feed ads and nothing else. After you’ve signed up for an account on Canvas all you need is a dash of creativity to provide your audience a more personal mobile viewing experience.

With the advantages it provides, Facebook Canvas is a great platform for brand storytelling. You can bring your content to life through a combination of different media presentation strategies that Canvas allows. Examples are tilt-to-view panoramic images, zooming in and out of photos, and carousel layouts. These are great ways to showcase your products.

Because it’s designed for mobile phones and is available for both Android and iOS devices, brands can reach all demographics. Facebook Canvas does allow you to be as creative as you want, so it’ll be easier to build ads that encapsulate all the expectations of your target market.



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