Face off: Should website development be outsourced or managed in-house?


Just like any other company that realizes the benefits of building an effective website, you are probably reflecting whether you need to outsource website development services or do it in-house.

For some businesses, the debate between choosing to develop your own website or to tap an offshore partner to do the job depends on cost of labor. If an in-house team handles the web development, overall costs will definitely be higher, while outsourcing to a country with low labor rates can cut expenses.

However, the decision making should not be resolved by just picking the cheaper option. The overarching question that can shed light to your dilemma is: Which course will produce high quality results? True, having web developers in-house will allow you greater involvement in your website’s creation, but putting a team together may mean sacrificing resources and losing focus on your core business functions.


Assessing your in-house resources


Take a closer and honest look at the workforce and skill sets in your company. Are the needed web development roles taken by your current pool of employees? The people you will need on your team consist of the following:

•    A marketing head that will establish and carry out web strategies

•    A graphic designer with impeccable creative skills

•    A web developer with a clever content management plan in mind

•    A copywriter that can write for search engine optimization (SEO) using the desired marketing tone

•    A project manager that will handle task scheduling, budgeting, and other management tasks.

Building a team with all of these roles being executed properly can be frustrating, especially for small businesses. Since most startups don’t have sturdy staff and resources yet, they lose the opportunity to concentrate on their core competencies by dedicating time to hiring web developers. Outsourcing eliminates these processes, providing you more time to focus on your business core, which is valuable in outlining the success of your company.


Delegating tasks to in-house employees

Some businesses want close collaboration and involvement in the creation process of their online portal, so they choose to hire an in-house web development team. In doing so, they face compensation and skill mismatch.


Website development requires focus and dedication of time and effort—traits that are sometimes hard to find in your location’s talent pool. You might fortunately find highly skilled developers within your area, but their impressive skill set comes with an equally high asking price that your company funds may be able to afford.

Considering that most web development projects are short-term commitments, it is impractical to keep web developers under your payroll even when they have no project left to finish.

Outsourcing web development services may be a valuable investment for your business because offshore partners have time-tested practices that guarantee excellent results and active collaboration. You are assured of more creativity and efficiency from an external agency because they can see the value of your products and services in a way that you may be incapable of. Moreover, you can choose to have a project-based engagement to avoid unnecessary ongoing costs that you can incur if you keep an in-house website development team.

Before you decide to build an in-house team, think wisely about the impending hidden costs that this can bring to your business. If you are looking for low costs and high quality output, then outsourcing is your practical choice.



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