Common forms of rich media development used by advertising pros


In a vast market where there is a high competition among businesses with similar products and services, advertising and marketing strategies are your success tools in staying ahead of the online attention warfare.

If you want your customers to be connected to your brand, you must produce more compelling visual data through rich media development. Here are three of the most commonly used rich media content in online marketing that your brand can easily create as well:



Podcasts can establish a more intimate approach in connecting with your customers. When you take out the visual elements of your online content, the attention of your customers is now focused on the spoken message itself. Because of the stronger relationship built between the listener and the message sender, podcasts have become an effective tool in gaining a loyal online following.

It’s also a unique way of reaching your customers who choose to download the audio file and listen to it anytime they want. The trick is broadcasting valuable content such as buying tips or latest industry news that listeners can use for free. By giving them useful information, your customers will keep your business in mind when seeking for relevant advice.



There is no doubt that using videos in advertising your brand can drive engagement from potential customers. Corporate videos can give your customers a complete and comprehensive look at your business. It is harder to make false promises or exaggerate features in front of a camera than through writing blog posts or soliciting user reviews.

Youtube, the second largest search engine next to Google, is a good avenue to introduce your products and services to a community of consumers that haven’t met your brand yet. Since creativity is mostly practiced visually, you can come up with innovative videos that give your consumers a lasting brand image.



Infographics provide the opportunity for advertisers to tell a story in a single image. It combines the attractiveness of visual content and the comprehensiveness of details explained in text form. A lazy reader may be enticed to read an article when it is accompanied or preceded by an infographic that highlights its main points.

Additionally, infographics are the most commonly shared posts in social media because unlike plain images, they do not require detailed captions to explain the intended message of the one sharing the post. With the right visual creativity and concise choice of words, you can create a visual tool that can encapsulate the features of your products and services.
As trends show that rich media development is an effective and compelling method of advertising your brand, you must be willing to step out of the traditional text-based advertising practice to establish stronger relationships needed to win the battle for customer attention online.



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