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How social media influencer marketing helps businesses grow

While social media algorithms strategically place your content in targeted audiences’ feeds, but this doesn’t ensure a conversion for your brand. So unless potential clients are already seeking out your products or services, audiences

Tips on how to inject personality to your social media campaign

Previously, we tackled how brand personality can help your social media campaign improve customer engagement. We have learned that brand personality can help us gain visibility, it can shape how our demographic thinks of

6 Strategies to step up your content marketing game

Content marketing involves creating and sharing relevant, informative, and regular content on various online platforms. When done right, this digital marketing activity can give your online presence a boost and acquaint your brands with

Why digital marketers love minimalist designs

Broadly speaking, graphic design is “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.” A good design can emphasize a message and lend persuasive power to it. And since

5 Multichannel marketing tips that boost customer engagement

In a highly digital world, it’s not surprising that managers feel the need to execute a handful of marketing strategies simultaneously. They have ads running in several social media websites, email campaigns, and offline

Building relationships through blog comments

As we thrive on a digital age, every business is looking for ways to create a lasting impression among their target audience. In the process of building relationships, we must be able to cut

Full-screen mobile advertising is now on Facebook

Happy with the launch of Instant Articles on Facebook? Well, the marketing fun doesn’t stop there. The social media giant also introduced an equivalent mobile advertising feature: Facebook Canvas.

Creating an effective marketing plan for your business

Outsourcing your business’ marketing responsibilities can be a good idea. In fact, many brands are confident that back office outsourcing can be an efficient solution for most of their dilemmas. However, before you take

6 Marketing strategies to attract all types of holiday shoppers

Businesses, whether big or small, are the quickest to detect the spirit of holidays hanging in the air. With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday hovering just around the corner, sales are bound to

4 Advantages of using social networking sites for customer service

The rapid growth of social media made it possible for many businesses to expand their market reach and thrive online. But aside from empowering their digital marketing tactics, companies have also begun using social