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Fusing SEO and content

Search engine optimization (SEO) takes care of a website’s authority in search engine results page (SERP). Content marketing, on the other hand, ensures that a piece of content delivers value and meets the readers’

Why digital marketers love minimalist designs

Broadly speaking, graphic design is “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.” A good design can emphasize a message and lend persuasive power to it. And since

4 Paid media advertising tactics that boost customer loyalty

There are plenty of ways to use paid media to boost your brand’s exposure. In a nutshell, paid ads are marketing materials placed on various channels for a fee. Traditionally, they include TV commercials,

3 Ways of creating unique content to level up your SEO strategy

Do you know just how huge the Internet really is? According to Website Magazine’s infographic, Google has apparently indexed 200TB worth of Internet data, which translates to just 0.004% of the entire Internet. Even

SEO heads-up: Google update wants you to be mobile-friendly

Google has been telling search engine optimization (SEO) specialists for quite some time now that they must make their websites mobile-ready—a healthy suggestion that many have abided to, but some have yet to heed.

3 E-commerce elements you need to fine-tune this holiday season

According to findings gathered by Open Access BPO, wise combinations of creative words and colors, topped with well-functioning site features invite online shoppers to visit, browse, and eventually buy from an e-commerce site.

How SEO outsourcing can help small businesses

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very powerful tool that a business can use to market its brand online. Open Access BPO, a trendsetter in call center outsourcing in the Philippines, explains why this