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Having a great social media marketing plan won’t matter if the person handling it cannot execute it well. This is where value of a truly capable social media manager is highlighted, propelling a brand

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There are plenty of ways to use paid media to boost your brand’s exposure. In a nutshell, paid ads are marketing materials placed on various channels for a fee. Traditionally, they include TV commercials,

Creating an effective marketing plan for your business

Outsourcing your business’ marketing responsibilities can be a good idea. In fact, many brands are confident that back office outsourcing can be an efficient solution for most of their dilemmas. However, before you take

Email marketing best practices to keep in mind

While email marketing may seem outdated and old-fashioned, it’s still very much alive and relevant alongside today’s prevalent multi-screen digital marketing strategies. Experts say introducing products through email isn’t a “dying” channel, but a

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According to findings gathered by Open Access BPO, wise combinations of creative words and colors, topped with well-functioning site features invite online shoppers to visit, browse, and eventually buy from an e-commerce site.

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How back office outsourcing affects customer satisfaction

Just because back office services are carried out without the involvement of customers doesn’t mean they don’t affect customer satisfaction. Open Access BPO explains the link between back office outsourcing and effective customer service