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5 Multichannel marketing tips that boost customer engagement

In a highly digital world, it’s not surprising that managers feel the need to execute a handful of marketing strategies simultaneously. They have ads running in several social media websites, email campaigns, and offline

Email marketing best practices to keep in mind

While email marketing may seem outdated and old-fashioned, it’s still very much alive and relevant alongside today’s prevalent multi-screen digital marketing strategies. Experts say introducing products through email isn’t a “dying” channel, but a

Email marketing: 5 Reasons subscribers ignore your emails

Email marketing remains to be one of the core activities in the digital marketing sphere. However, as billions of people and businesses alike are going online, the number of emails circulating worldwide is also

How spam can hurt your e-mail marketing campaign

It can be easy to make an e-mail marketing campaign and have your e-mails sent to as many people as possible. In this article, Open Access BPO, a Philippine outsourcing provider, explains how this

E-mail marketing tips to remember when sending newsletters

A newsletter is a popular e-mail marketing strategy used by most businesses to gain customers. Through e-mail newsletters, you can keep your customers informed about the latest updates of your business. In this article,