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How social media influencer marketing helps businesses grow

While social media algorithms strategically place your content in targeted audiences’ feeds, but this doesn’t ensure a conversion for your brand. So unless potential clients are already seeking out your products or services, audiences

How humanizing your brand improves social media marketing

Social media marketing campaigns take time to plan and execute. Nowadays, they aren’t just about expanding your reach or announcing a new product or promo. To create more meaningful customer relationships, you must ensure

5 Reasons why chatbots must be part of your brand strategy

Chatbots—innovative computer programs you can converse with—are probably the last thing you’d think of to improve your brand strategy. But recently, more and more companies are beginning to understand the potential of bots to

Debranding: The business strategy shaping the future of brands

People’s constant exposure to digital media has, in many ways, desensitized them to advertisements. They’ve become accustomed to being bombarded by hundreds of ads all day—those lurking silently in the periphery of their screens

6 Marketing strategies to attract all types of holiday shoppers

Businesses, whether big or small, are the quickest to detect the spirit of holidays hanging in the air. With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday hovering just around the corner, sales are bound to

Tracking your business competitors online

How can you come up with an effective strategy if you don’t know what your business competitors are doing? This is precisely why research plays an important part in identifying their strengths and weaknesses