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Fusing SEO and content

Search engine optimization (SEO) takes care of a website’s authority in search engine results page (SERP). Content marketing, on the other hand, ensures that a piece of content delivers value and meets the readers’

5 Simple blogging tips for writing click-generating headlines

No matter how great your content is, it won’t matter if you can’t make people read it, and that’s where the title comes in.

Tips for using content marketing to promote your brand

Effective brand promotion nowadays is built on a fine fusion of both traditional advertising and digital marketing strategies. Businesses have found that combining proven tactics like live promotional events (press conferences, product launches, etc)

Building relationships through blog comments

As we thrive on a digital age, every business is looking for ways to create a lasting impression among their target audience. In the process of building relationships, we must be able to cut

5 Blog management mistakes and what you can do to correct them

Maintaining a blog that will attract promising leads and increase website traffic involves a lot of challenges. Open Access BPO lists down some possible blog management mistakes that can cause your content marketing efforts

Blog management tips for businesses

Blogging has definitely come a long way. From being the digital diaries that introduced the Internet to a generation of mid-’90s kids (which helped drive the growth of the social web), it’s become a