Why your business needs social media marketing


Nearly all companies today leverage on social media marketing to ensure their steady rise to the top of the industry ranks. This is because they acknowledge its power as a marketing platform that affords them multiple opportunities to rise above the competition and empower them to flourish and grow.

But don’t we already have traditional marketing and advertising means for these? Why should your business even consider getting aboard this online trend?

Fact: Social media is not a trend

Rising from the static pages of the ’90s web and following the unfortunate bursting of the Dot-com bubble, the social web (also referred to as Web 2.0) is all about real-time interactions and collaboration. This spawned social networking, first as a way for friends to stay connected online, then as an integral component of our everyday lives.


According to the Global Digital Statistics 2014 reports released in January this year by independent digital marketing agency We Are Social, there are 2, 484, 915, 152 Internet users around the world, and 1, 856, 680, 860 of which are active social network users. This includes individual users and non-profit organizations around the world, and businesses that heavily rely on social media marketing.

So no, social media is not just a trend, it’s deeply integrated as an important aspect of our lives. The platforms, tools, and technologies behind it may change, but its popularity will neither fade nor disappear.

If you still need convincing, here are some social networking stats to consider:

    • During the past few years, Twitter has become the fastest growing social network, with a 44% growth from June 2012 to March 2013 according to a SearchEngineJournal research. As of writing, Statistic Brain says that the site has 645, 750, 000 active registered users with 135, 000 new users signing up everyday. This affords companies great opportunities to engage with their customers, manage their brand image, and provide customer support.
    • Since launching 10 years ago, Facebook has grown to be the massive social network practically everyone uses today. With 1.23 billion active users as of December 2013, the site has an average of 757 million daily active users. It’s perhaps one of the go-to sites for companies’ social media marketing campaigns, leveraging on its multiple features to enhance branding efforts, online presence, and reach.
    • YouTube earns the distinction of being owned by an Internet giant and is the most popular video site today. About 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute on the site, which has over a billion unique visits each month. Millions of subscriptions to various “Channels” are made everyday. Here, brands upload their own marketing materials, advertisements, and other video content to engage with their demographic, spread their brand message, and cultivate a following.
    • A breakout social media site launched in 2010, Pinterest is reaping the benefits of the emerging visual marketing. Here, companies curate “boards” that showcase their products and services (ala-catalogue), making it even more compelling for users to purchase their goods.

It’s a powerful social media marketing platform that has been instrumental in helping businesses increase their revenues. About 47% of online consumers in the US make purchases based on recommendations from Pinterest; and these buyers spend more money on this site than any other social media sites.

Social media is where brands reach out to their existing and potential customers. Many of these social networks have even become many people’s default browser homepages, and their go-to hubs for news and information. This means you’ll be able to easily reach your target audience. The connection opportunities are there, all you need now are impressive strategies to empower your online presence.



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