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Blogging has definitely come a long way. From being the digital diaries that introduced the Internet to a generation of mid-’90s kids (which helped drive the growth of the social web), it’s become a crucial component every brand leverages on for their online marketing strategies. In this regard, businesses take blog management seriously to ensure that they cultivate a blog chockfull of valuable content that can attract and heavily engage with the targeted demographic.


To the general public, a good blog is a portal of information that provides them with valuable content that can entertain or teach them something useful. Bonus points too if the blog hands them a freebie or two every now and then.

For businesses, on the other hand, a good blog attracts healthy site traffic every month and converts these visitors to loyal customers, growing both customer base and revenues in the process.

Given its potent value, companies around the world are investing a lot in their blogging efforts. To reap its benefits, however, a proactive approach must be taken by outlining a proper and well-crafted blogging strategy. The following is a handful of blog management tips businesses should consider when drafting their overall blogging tactics.


Plan Your Blog Identity


Developing a personality for your blog definitely helps push your branding efforts forward, and attracts people to your business. It can be done by using a distinct voice, or having a certain brand of humor in your blog posts. Or perhaps you can even personalize it further by letting your bloggers use their own bylines (author names) and profile photos on their posts.

Doing these can give your blog a human personality and attributes—qualities that people can easily identify with. This makes it easy for people to interact with your company, raising its authority in your business niche and encourages brand loyalty among your followers.


Focus on Content Quality


Content is and will always be king. It’s what helps raise a company’s online visibility, and it drives people to visit a website or blog, stay within its walled garden, and convince everyone else to come along. An IgniteSpot infographic reveals compelling details about the value of producing blog content for businesses:

•    Interesting content is among the top reasons why people follow brands online

•    81% of US consumers trust advice and information from blogs posts

•    61% of US consumers have made purchases based on a blog post

Since the success of your company’s blogging endeavors, overall business reach, and sales partly hinge on the posts you upload on your blog, it’s important to regularly produce high quality content. For this, you must invest time and resources to write well-researched and engaging content, whether it’s a written article, a video, or an image.


Find / Outsource Content Production


Given the importance of content value to your marketing efforts, it’s best to find the right people to develop your blog content. While it’s a given that blogging requires content writers and editor/s, you may also need to find skilled photographers and graphic artists, and both web and mobile developers.

It’s common for some companies to search within its existing roster of employees for people to also take on blogging duties. Others prefer to hire additional workers and put up an internal blogging team. You can also choose to employ the services of an outsourced content development team to handle your content creation and blog management needs.


Create an Editorial Calendar

One of the many ways you can ensure blogging success is by regularly creating and posting immersive blog posts. For this, creating an editorial calendar will help you plan your content topics and find the best days to post them (perhaps near a related holiday or event, and away from similarly themed posts). This will also enable you to brainstorm with your blogging team how each topic will be written, and discover, anticipate and resolve possible concerns ahead of time.


Consider Digital Marketing


Blogging is a mere component of the social web, and to boost its online visibility, you may want to consider adding digital marketing to your blog management strategies.

Digital marketing processes such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing , can ensure that your blog and its posts figure highly on online searches, and are shared across the social media sites. These can optimize your blog content to reach as much people as possible and significantly increase site traffic. In addition to these, you can also opt to find a web / app developer if you want to have your site designed and developed for better searchability, and perhaps even expand to the mobile platform.



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