The benefits of integrating rich media in your advertisements


If you’re looking for an innovative and engaging way to market your products and services online, rich media advertising is the answer. In this article, Open Access BPO explores the many benefits that this new form of advertising can bring to a business.

Rich media advertising is a new breed of advertising that utilizes a spectrum of interactive digital media innovations, such as videos, audio clips, and animations. It has garnered popularity among businesses because of the compelling value it has in inviting more customers to engage with their brands.

Rich media development aims to increase the interactivity of the marketing tools, particularly online ads. Because of its creative nature, rich media advertising can make a brand stand out among others, especially when placed together with standard display ads.

There are three types of rich media ads commonly used by companies online. These are:


1.   In-page ads–   Ads usually appearing in different sections of a web page in a standard rectangular or preset banner form.

2.   Out-of-page ads–   These ads are not integrated in the web page, but instead, they appear on a separate window or tab. Examples of these are pop-up ads, floating ads, and expandable ads.

3.   In-stream ads–   Ads appearing in streamed video contents, either before, during, or after the main video content is played.


Rich media ads tend to be larger and heavier in terms of file size. Developing them may have higher costs, but the advantages that rich media can bring to your online ad campaigns make this practice a must-try for most businesses.

•   Higher customer interaction

A creative content can potentially attract more views from online users. When customers are more engaged with your ads, there’s a higher guarantee of brand awareness increase. This leads to higher chances of viewers purchasing products from your business.

•   Higher click-through rates


Rich media ads have higher click-through rates (number of times the link leading to the business website was clicked) than standard ads. Hence, consumers exposed to rich media ads promise a higher likelihood of taking further action (browse, purchase, recommend) compared to those exposed to traditional display ads.

•   Measurability and scalability

Traditional ads only measure click-through rates, while rich media ads can measure the number of unique views and percentage of content viewed. This allows advertisers to use browsing behaviors in modifying ads to become more successful.

•   Success against competitors

Rich media ads that explain a company’s products and services in a fun and interactive way can attract more clients and purchases compared to competing brands with the same line of products but utilizing traditional advertising strategies.

Rich media advertising allows a business to elicit a strong response from its target market. It allows a viewer to engage and get to know more about the brand without having to move out of the page they’re on. Because of the many benefits that it brings, integrating rich media in your advertisements is definitely worth a try.



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