How back office outsourcing affects customer satisfaction


Just because back office services are carried out without the involvement of customers doesn’t mean they don’t affect customer satisfaction. Open Access BPO explains the link between back office outsourcing and effective customer service delivery.

Back office services, despite not being at the forefront of the company’s operations, still hold the same value as the other customer-centered services. Many business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, particularly back office services, are being outsourced to offshore providers nowadays primarily to give companies more time to focus on core operations by entrusting ancillary services to a third party vendor.

Aside from having the leverage of time and cost-effectiveness, companies that turn to back office outsourcing also benefit from the improved customer service delivery. How is this possible, given that back office services do not involve interaction with customers?

Relevance to customer service delivery


True, customer experience is primarily influenced by the support provided by frontline call center agents. But, back office operations can also play an important role in improving customer satisfaction because back office operations matter in the general company workflow. For instance, Web design and development can affect the company’s performance in attracting new customers. Human resource and accounting functions, on the other hand, have an impact on the company’s longevity and internal efficiency.

If back office functions are not in their best shape, the company’s ability to carry out other operations, like customer service, may be compromised. In other words, failure to manage back office services well can disrupt the balance in a company. When underlying functions, such as payroll and inventory, become problematic, the attention, time, and money spent on customer service will likely be adjusted just to repair the flaws in the back office.

Why turn to back office outsourcing


By outsourcing back office services to a low-cost region such as the Philippines, a business can take care of its critical operations while another team handles its equally important underlying functions effectively.

The BPO services in the Philippines include encoding and transcription, data entry, human resource functions, billing and accounting, and Web-based solutions. The challenge for every outsourcing client is to find the best company that can meet its specific back office needs.

Customer service success is not defined by frontline services alone. Businesses must understand that a holistic approach is needed in ensuring customer satisfaction. By investing in back office outsourcing, the overall stability of the company can be guaranteed. Only then can customer support be delivered effectively without any internal factors affecting its quality.



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