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4 Advantages of using social networking sites for customer service

The rapid growth of social media made it possible for many businesses to expand their market reach and thrive online. But aside from empowering their digital marketing tactics, companies have also begun using social

Tracking your business competitors online

How can you come up with an effective strategy if you don’t know what your business competitors are doing? This is precisely why research plays an important part in identifying their strengths and weaknesses

Twitter Marketing: Why aren’t your customers following you

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SEO heads-up: Google update wants you to be mobile-friendly

Google has been telling search engine optimization (SEO) specialists for quite some time now that they must make their websites mobile-ready—a healthy suggestion that many have abided to, but some have yet to heed.

3 E-commerce elements you need to fine-tune this holiday season

According to findings gathered by Open Access BPO, wise combinations of creative words and colors, topped with well-functioning site features invite online shoppers to visit, browse, and eventually buy from an e-commerce site.

How SMBs can step up their game on Pinterest

Why do e-commerce businesses flock to visual marketing sites like Pinterest? Open Access BPO, a call center in the Philippines, explains why Pinterest can take your marketing game a notch higher.

How social content can produce quality engangements

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Understanding what pay-per-click advertising can do for your business

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5 Blog management mistakes and what you can do to correct them

Maintaining a blog that will attract promising leads and increase website traffic involves a lot of challenges. Open Access BPO lists down some possible blog management mistakes that can cause your content marketing efforts

How to use blog photos to boost your Pinterest marketing strategy

Did you know that the photos accompanying your blog posts matter a lot when marketing your brand on Pinterest? Open Access BPO explains the significance of blog photos and how you can optimize them