8 Skills that make an effective social media manager

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Having a great social media marketing plan won’t matter if the person handling it cannot execute it well. This is where value of a truly capable social media manager is highlighted, propelling a brand through the social web.

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Since most of us have existing online profiles, it’s easy to assume that any person with social media experience can take on this role. Businesses need to be smart during the selection. It takes specific knowledge, experience, and skills to be a truly effective manager, especially since failure to fulfill its tasks and reach goals may spell failure for the brand.

Being multi-faceted is a major advantage. It takes more than just the understanding of social media to plan and facilitate successful campaigns and content marketing. But what are the skills needed to be effective in this role?


1.     Management and multitasking

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Being a social media manager is a multifaceted job, requiring hands-on involvement on almost every aspect of the social media marketing process. You must be present during the inception of each campaign strategy, monitoring every step taken, and measuring its progress. And to do so, you’ll be managing and collaborating with different members of your brand’s creative, technical, and business teams.


2.     Customer service and engagement

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Aside from all the behind-the-scenes management activities, it would also be helpful if you have a knack for customer service. This includes understanding what your brand’s consumers need, how to talk to them about it, and the best way to give it to them. For these, you need to be in a customer-centric mindset when planning and implementing your social media strategies.


3.     Copywriting

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Competition can get cutthroat on the social media front, so a good copy will definitely help in drawing in your demographic. A good piece of copy must be able to attract people enough to engage with your brand, and convince them to stay with your brand to sample what you have to offer. Moreover, your followers are expecting relevant content that can support your brand, services, and ideals. Do these consistently and you’d be able to earn their trust and, eventually, their loyalty.


4.     Design

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Audiences are more like to engage in your content if your written content is matched with related and visually pleasing media.

So, apart from copywriting skills, it’s recommended for managers to have at least basic skills in design and using design applications. This can help you understand the design limitations and aesthetic-setting involved when creating visual content.


5.     Communication

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Communication skills are of grave importance for helping you communicate better with your audience and your team members. Your abilities can help you create and sustain dialogues, and incite feelings. It can also aid you in effectively getting their thoughts and ideas across.


6.     Leadership

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Though it may not be instantaneous, you’ll most likely have your own team, especially when your campaign grows. By then, you will be tasked to handle individuals meant to handle distinct functions. Regardless of the size of your team, a valuable leader can maneuver the whole team without micro-managing the members, and all the while, heading creative direction, strategizing, and encouraging teamwork.


7.     Creativity

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It’s your ability to steer your team’s creative direction that plays a significant role in the effectiveness of your campaigns. Of course, it’s important to gain insight from your consumers and your team, but most of the creative direction must come from you. This be partnered with your understanding of your brand, products, and your audiences.

With your audience in the field, you should be able to think outside the box to elevate your campaigns. This way, you can keep your brand competitive or on the top of the game.


8.     Analytical

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As a manager, you are to evaluate the data your posts amass. This covers audience engagement, shares, comments, views, and other metrics to measure your campaigns’ progress. You are also expected to be analytical when addressing marketing and implementation strategies. Your decisiveness will come in handy.

More importantly, you must extend your skills in constantly testing your output, whether it be for user experience or technical implications. When tests are paired with your marketing metrics, you can gear your marketing towards your goals and followers with efficiency.



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