6 Marketing strategies to attract all types of holiday shoppers


Businesses, whether big or small, are the quickest to detect the spirit of holidays hanging in the air. With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday hovering just around the corner, sales are bound to increase dramatically.

While all these are good for business, the holiday sale season would require you to prepare well for the big waves of consumers about to crowd your store. But just because customers would be coming in huge groups doesn’t mean that you can forgo the personalization aspect of their shopping experience.

To help you attract a wide customer base, here are the six types of holiday shoppers along with six different marketing strategies to cater to their unique needs.


1.     The last-minute shopper


We all encounter this consumer every holiday season. You’ll spot them hurrying from one aisle to another, alternately checking their shopping list and their wristwatch. In such a stressful scenario, what the last-minute shopper wants is convenience and speed.

What you must do: To make the last-minute shopper’s life easier, your business strategies must focus on building a solid mobile platform that can be accessed anytime. Couple this with door-to-door delivery and you’re good to go.


2.     The meticulous planner


The meticulous planner has prepared a shopping game plan way before the holidays showed up on the calendar. They have a detailed list of the perfect gifts for all their friends and loved ones. They know their priorities and follow a shopping schedule to make sure they get the most out of the holiday sale.

What you must do: Attract this consumer by offering lists, recipes, and other tools for organization. Reward them with early bird discounts and frequent shopper prizes.


3.     The cause-driven consumer


It’s the perfect season for giving, and the cause-driven consumer has vowed to support charities and community groups. They love to give well-thought-out, meaningful, and practical gifts.

What you must do: To capture the interest of the cause-driven consumer, partnering with charity organizations and holding a fundraising event must be part of your marketing strategies.


4.     The DIY lover


This consumer group is composed of artists and enthusiasts. Adding their personal touch to everything holiday-related is important to them. They love DIY decoration projects, handmade products, recipes, and personalized gifts.

What you must do: Enhance the DIY lover’s shopping experience by giving them how-to notes: recipes, gifts, and home decorations. You may attach these to the products they might find useful in completing their projects.


5.     The digital shopper


It’s either they want to avoid jam-packed stores or they just don’t have the time to go to their favorite shops, so they buy everything online. The digital shopper is extremely good at Internet research to find the best gifts and cheapest deals. They often turn to social media for holiday sale tips and advice.

What you must do: Optimize your ecommerce platform to appeal to online shoppers. Implement fast delivery and easy product returns. Also, be active on social media to gather a large base of customers.


6.     The deal-seeker


The moment you open your store, expect the deal-seekers to be the first ones to enter. They’ll be raking through your items thoroughly to find the best deals. Often, they go to unbelievable lengths to make sure they get the best value for their money.

What you must do: Promote irresistible discounts, coupons, and other deals both online and offline to catch the attention of the deal-seeker.



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