5 Ways to promote your brand using Instagram Stories

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It’s been more than a year since Instagram launched its Stories‘ live video capability. And brands have been using it to supercharge their digital marketing strategies and engage with their demographic.

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Initially touted as a Snapchat clone, Instagram Stories allowed users to post a bunch of photos that will be viewable by their followers for only 24 hours. You can also make Boomerangs, short videos that play forward and backward, or a slideshow.

Recently, however, Instagram Stories surpassed SnapChat by embracing influencers and by rolling out a constantly updated set of filters.

If your business has yet to integrate this not-so new into your online marketing, now is a good time as any. But just how can companies maximize these features to improve their social media marketing game? Here are five suggestions to help you get started.


1.     Share inside stories.

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Instagram can be a powerful digital marketing tool that would allow you to reach a great number of people. Through Stories, you can introduce your brand to your followers in a much more personal way. For instance, you can share a photo or video of what’s currently happening inside your office or store. Aside from being an outstanding storytelling tool, this will also allow you to make your brand more easily memorable by your target market.


2.     Launch special offers.

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Launching a special promo through Instagram Stories can be a brilliant marketing strategy. Since it would only display your content for 24 hours, it adds a sense of urgency to your special offers. Just remember that the promo’s mechanics must be simple and easy to understand. To make it even more exciting, be sure to offer something truly valuable to your customers.


3.     Provide product tips.

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This one’s both a customer service and a marketing tactic. By providing product tips to customers, you’re helping them get the most out of their purchases. This can help you increase people’s satisfaction and build market loyalty.

One way to do this is to upload several photos containing tips and hacks, which would be displayed by Stories as a slideshow. For instance, you can tell viewers about hidden product features or provide a simple how-to tutorial.


4.     Celebrate brand milestones.

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Through Instagram Stories, you can share every single one of your most notable achievements with your customers. This is another way to share your brand’s story with your target clientele. As a digital marketing strategy, this will allow you to highlight your organization’s personality, introduce key brand representatives to your followers, and keep customers interested in you.


5.     Recognize top customers.

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One way to thank your top customers is to recognize them via your social media channels. This is also a step toward building more meaningful relationships with your clientele. You may even opt to send tokens to your most prized buyers. Such rewards can encourage them to stick to your brand.



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