5 Simple blogging tips for writing click-generating headlines

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No matter how great your content is, it won’t matter if you can’t make people read it, and that’s where the title comes in.

The title or headline serves as the face of your article, making it a primary driver of web traffic. It’s one of the first things readers look at before deciding whether a write-up is worth their time. And although writing a good title seems easy, many content marketers find this part challenging and sometimes frustrating.

Writing compelling titles can give your blogging efforts a great boost. Here are some simple tweaks you can try to come up with catchy headlines readers can’t help but click on.


1.     Start with a working title.

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Just like how you keep editing and revising your content, keep working on your title. You don’t need to have a headline right from the get-go, a rough version will do. Just make sure it’s specific enough to give your article a clear direction and purpose.

As you keep writing and researching about the topic, you might gain more ideas for your headline. Jot these down and select the best one from the list!


2.     Be accurate.

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Have you ever stumbled upon a really good title only to find out it’s purely clickbait? With the massive volume of articles like these on the web, chances are it has happened to you more than once. It’s a common blogging technique that can drive up web traffic, but apart from being frustrating for readers, it’s not a sustainable strategy.

Readers hate misleading titles. The best headlines don’t promise what the rest of the content doesn’t deliver. Rather, they’re honest, accurate, and straightforward.


3.     Have fun with it.

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Content marketing doesn’t have to be a purely serious business. On the contrary, playfulness and creativity are very much preferred, since these are the key to capturing your readers’ attention.

Readers respond to titles that are fun and mind-boggling. So using strong, descriptive terms such as “brilliant,” “amazing,” and others can attract the audience to your content. Even negative statements (e.g., “5 Photos people hate…”) also generate a lot of attention. Just make sure to back it up with good content.


4.     The shorter, the better.

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According to this analysis, shorter headlines generate more likes than longer ones. The sweet spot would be eight to 12 words for Twitter and 12–14 words for Facebook. Titles with around eight words also had 21% higher clickthrough rates than long ones, which is great for increasing your web traffic and boosting your content marketing strategy.


5.     Ask a friend.

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In most cases, content writers work closely with editors who take a second look at their write-ups. But ideas and suggestion from a friend or a co-writer can also be great!

Try brainstorming with your colleagues for good titles, or have them look at what you’ve come up with. They might help you view your topic from a different angle.



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