5 Multichannel marketing tips that boost customer engagement

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In a highly digital world, it’s not surprising that managers feel the need to execute a handful of marketing strategies simultaneously. They have ads running in several social media websites, email campaigns, and offline sales outreach.

Managing a multichannel marketing campaign may indeed be an overwhelming task, but it has a strong potential to drive great results. Customers are actively using a variety of channels to connect with brands, so you must also be present in these platforms. A multichannel presence will provide you endless opportunities to connect with customers directly and personalize their experience.

Follow these five tips to optimize your digital presence and boost customer engagement.


1.     Connect with influencers.

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If you want to earn visibility and generate more leads, you have to connect with industry influencers and earn their trust.

Influencers are well-known figures who can impact consumers’ purchasing decisions. They may be bloggers or fellow entrepreneurs in a different area of specialization who have acquired a large following. They can help you get the word out there by doing product reviews or by recommending your brand to their followers.


2.     Use your channels carefully.

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Before using a channel, think about how it’s going to help you achieve your business goals. Consider whether it would go well with the marketing strategies you’re already implementing. If it doesn’t add any value to your ongoing campaigns, you may end up spending more and producing less favorable results.

To get the best results out of multichannel marketing, you have to be familiar with all the features of the platforms that you’re using. Consider cross-channel strategies that would stimulate customer engagement, and monitor your performance closely. This will let you fine-tune your campaigns along the way.


3.     Make use of data analytics.

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Marketing campaigns succeed when they’re driven by data and insights. The great thing is, digital channels can provide you plenty of customer information you can use to improve your strategies. However, your team must have the capability to collect, organize, and analyze these data so you can turn them into concrete plans.


4.     Promote multichannel interactions.

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By being present in multiple platforms, you’re giving customers more control over how they can reach you. You can promote multichannel customer engagement by linking your channels with one another. This way, users can easily switch between channels if they need to. For instance, if you have a mobile app, you can incorporate links to your Facebook or Twitter pages so they can engage with your brand directly and join discussion with other customers over the social web. This will ensure that customers’ transition from one channel to another is seamless, fast, and easy.

However, different communication styles must be used for each channel. For example, people may expect your emails to sound formal, while a conversational tone is more suitable for social media. Keep these in mind so you can optimize your digital content and provide a better customer experience.


5.     Project a consistent image.

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For a strong brand presence that customers will remember, make your messages and voice are consistent across platforms. Consistency is important in multichannel marketing, and all your content must reflect your brand’s values. Though you have to tailor your content to fit the medium, make sure that the essence of the message remains the same.



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