4 Paid media advertising tactics that boost customer loyalty

There are plenty of ways to use paid media to boost your brand’s exposure. In a nutshell, paid ads are marketing materials placed on various channels for a fee. Traditionally, they include TV commercials, radio spots, and print ads. The era of digital marketing also added pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, branded content, and display ads like videos and images.

As marketing materials, paid ads can help increase your business’ revenues while spreading brand awareness. This way, you get to market your products to a larger demographic.

What most marketers don’t know is that paid media ads can also help nurture customer loyalty. The principle behind this is simple: Through effective advertising techniques, brands can make themselves constantly present before consumers’ eyes as they browse online. This can lead to repeat purchases and allow brands to form a positive image among their target clientele.

Here are tips for boosting buyers’ loyalty through paid advertising.


1.     Use remarketing strategies.

Remarketing is a digital marketing strategy that aims to reconnect brands with web visitors who left their shopping site without buying anything. Through this technique, you can reposition your paid media ads in front of a brand’s target audience again.

This process works by placing cookies on a visitor’s browser as they view and leave your website. Afterwards, the visitor will then be added to your remarketing list. You can then choose to target this list again by showing them ads via other channels such as social media and Google searches.

You can also use remarketing strategies to up- or cross-sell to your previous buyers. For instance, a customer that has bought one of your shoes may also be interested in your clothing lineup. Thus, you may opt to send them ads of dresses, shirts, pants, and other outfits.


2.     Set up dedicated landing pages.

Once a shopper clicks on your ad, you may opt to take them to a specific, personalized landing page. This page may contain your online product catalog, a list of recommended products, or your newest promos. By optimizing this page, you can persuade customers to make more purchases.

Another way of boosting customer loyalty through your landing page is to include testimonials from previous buyers. Doing so lets you build a positive brand image among site visitors. Just be sure to use authentic consumer reviews so as not to lose people’s trust.


3.     Offer time-sensitive deals.

Make sure to use well-thought-out messages for your paid media ads. For instance, creating a sense of urgency can drive people to buy your products immediately. You may offer free trials, discounts, and other perks for a limited time only.

Because shoppers would naturally want to maximize their spending, they’ll be more compelled to try your products and services. Extending excellent post-purchase customer support to your buyers can also encourage them to buy again from you in the future.


4.     Send marketing emails to your customers.

Marketing emails are powerful revenue generators. They offer a great way to personalize the customer experience by allowing you to recommend products or services based on a buyer’s previous purchases. Through emails, you can also offer exclusive, occasion-based promos to customers, such as during holidays and their birthdays. This doesn’t only allow you to boost sales, but also help you increase customer loyalty.



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