4 Advantages of using social networking sites for customer service


The rapid growth of social media made it possible for many businesses to expand their market reach and thrive online. But aside from empowering their digital marketing tactics, companies have also begun using social networking sites to aid their customer service efforts. The social web lets them become readily available on a platform where most of their consumers are, letting them easily attend to their needs, build relationships, and manage possible negative feedback.

Here are the main advantages of including social media into your business’ customer care strategies.


1.     Provides instant connection


When firms directly use platforms where their target audience frequent, it makes the process of establishing and maintaining a relationship with them faster. Unlike in voice calls and emails that only let you engage with one person at a time, companies can easily respond to multiple people with the same issues in one status update, note, or tweet.

If several people are experiencing technical difficulties with their products, the company can give out the answer and mention all the customers who have the same issue. In addition to this, answers and solutions shared over social networking sites will be accessible to everyone online, helping even those who may have the same concerns in the future.


2.     Upholds transparency


Taking your customer service to the social web has its risks, but it can work well when used properly. Customers can directly engage with brands and even air out their personal opinions about the company and its services. While this means that other people will also be privy to the negative feedback you receive, it still offers up multiple opportunities for you to manage your brand reputation by owning up to mistakes and making it up to the customers involved. This shows that you value your customers’ opinions, strengthening customer relationships along the way.


3.     Helps your visibility skyrocket


Having a presence on social networking sites enables companies to reach out to more markets than traditional means ever could. Using this accessibility for your customer service strategies can help give you maximum online visibility, paving way for solid brand development and promotions. Similarly, a strong online presence can definitely help draw the public eye to new products and promote your least popular services.

Constantly engaging with your target market can help expand your network and invites potential clients to find out what you have to offer. Providing customer support on the same social channel can boost your reputation as a trusted brand in your niche and encourages brand loyalty.


4.     Gives follow-up opportunities


The readily available social web makes client follow-ups with clients easier, as opposed to traditional means like calling and emailing. Since most of the engagements stay online, it’s easier to track the developments of the conversation. So if a client complained about a service weeks back, you can easily go back to your conversation thread and follow up if there’s any need for further help. This can instantly build your relationship with customers who would be impressed with your firm’s initiatives.


While social media-driven customer service can make you more prone to criticism, it can also build your image as a brand that truly cares about its customers. The important point to remember is to maximize opportunities by being proactive and consistent in dealing with customers online.



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