3 Ways of creating unique content to level up your SEO strategy


Do you know just how huge the Internet really is?

According to Website Magazine’s infographic, Google has apparently indexed 200TB worth of Internet data, which translates to just 0.004% of the entire Internet. Even without formally calculating the size of the entire web, it’s obvious that the Internet is an unimaginably immense virtual place.

And of course, it’s the perfect home for digital content. We have thousands and thousands of various content being published online every hour and maybe even every minute. For bloggers and content marketers, this presents a huge challenge: how do we come up with unique content when almost every piece of information can already be found online?

This has given birth to search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing as two complementary tools to reach out to one’s target audience more effectively. If your site ranks highly on Google’s search results, your market can easily find you—and this works to your and your customers’ advantage.

Content strategists know that Google favors unique and high-quality content. The more your blogging activities consist of original topics and information, the higher your online ranking will be. This article suggests some useful and actionable tips to help you level up your SEO optimization strategy.


1.     Focus on accessibility and design.


On the Internet where several bits of interrelated information exist in various places at once, users always looking for a streamlined platform where they can see these so-called puzzle pieces in a single space. This is what accessibility is about. In-depth content gathers information from various sources, relates them to one another, and enlightens a deeper subject area.

Aggregating content this way, however, can turn your site into a messy page. The solution is to present information in an organized and well-designed way that facilitates reader understanding. Good design also enriches the users’ experience and helps them stay engaged until they digest the whole piece.


2.     Conduct your own research.


Unbelievable as it may seem, not everything is on the Internet and it cannot accommodate all human knowledge no matter how huge it is. Besides, information grows and knowledge does give birth to new knowledge. So, why not discover fresh information of your own? Your original research need not be purely scientific or methodical. Blogging about your original interviews, your company’s best practices, or your opinions are all original strategies that will boost your SEO game.


3.     Present existing content in a different style or angle.


Content marketing requires a lot of creativity so if you produce content that reflects your unique style, everyone will appreciate it. You may start with the content that’s already out there. If it’s presented as a written piece, why not visualize it and turn it into an infographic? If it’s captured on a video, make a write-up or a poster about it. It’s up to you to find a fresh way to present your content.


Coming up with a unique and original content may be the biggest blogging challenge that all online writers would face during several instances. However, if you step back and look at the bigger picture, you’ll find that all it takes is some creativity and a whole lot of patience.



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